Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day in the Life™ || 29 March 2016

This was my first year joining Ali Edwards in documenting a day in my life. I decided on a whim the night before and gave myself a couple "rules" to follow so that it wouldn't be too much work.

ONE: I took all the photos with my phone. My phone doesn't take that great of photos, but I cared more about convenience.

TWO: No retakes. No matter how crappy the photo. See above that I have a terrible phone and just know that I got a lot of bad shots. And I'm ok with it because it's all a part of my new mantra that perfection is overrated.

THREE: All the photos had the same Vscocam filter (A5). Of course, if the filter didn't fit the photo I just made it black and white and called it good.

I got my pictures printed through Rossman here in Germany. They have the option to print 4"x4" photos and the quality isn't bad.

I just started on the album today and decided on a 4x4 gold WRMK album and kraft paper. I'll also be stamping numbers using PAPIERPROJEKT stamps because I absolutely love how the chronological day layout I did in my Budapest album.

Here are a few photos from my day using my "rules":

I will post the rest of the album here on the blog as soon as it is finished.

Hope you enjoyed the first pages xo,


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